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Tuesday, February 28, 2017
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Access Islamabad

Whether you're arriving to the capital city or leaving, it is accessible from two main arterials: the Islamabad Highway, which links to the (historic) Grand Trunk Road, and the Kashmir Highway. From the Eastern side, central Punjab, the Islamabad Highway leads the travelers straight to the heart of the city, while from the Southern side, Northern Punjab and NWFP, the Peshawar Road leads to the Kashmir Highway, again rendering the city immediately accessible. Aside from these two arterials, Islamabad is accessible from the country-wide Motorway as well, in addition to the Grand Trunk Road and the Murree Road; a direct route from the adjacent city of Rawalpindi.

Apart from being accessible by road, the city has ample bus services and has central bus termini at several places, including the Karachi Company (sector G-9), Faizabad and Pir Wadhai. Buses run to and from the city from all major and, to some degree, minor centers across the country. A train station is also established in the neighboring city of Rawalpindi, further increasing the city's accessibility.

After extensive research, feasibility studies and a thorough review of various sites, the commission recommended the area North East of the historic garrison city of Rawalpindi. After the final decision of National Cabinet, it was put into practice. A Greek firm, Doxiadis Associates devised a master plan based on a grid system, with its north facing the Margallah Hills. The long-term plan was that Islamabad would eventually encompass Rawalpindi entirely, stretching to the West of the historic Grand Trunk road.

Islamabad has an international airport, located on main Islamabad Highway that has daily flights to and from the rest of the country, in addition to a host of international flights from all over the region, the UK, the USA, and other major international destinations. Many international airlines operate regular flights to and from Islamabad international airport and few of them are:
Pakistan International Airlines, Air Blue, Aero Asia International,  Emirates Airline, Etihad Airways,  Qatar Airways, Kuwait Airways, Thai Airways, Gulf Air, Saudi Arabian Airlines.

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