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Tuesday, February 28, 2017
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Islamabad Demographics

Islamabad is Pakistan's most diverse metropolis in terms of the population makeup of the city. It has the largest expatriate and foreigner population in the city. The reasons are simple: its inviting and reasonably temperate climate, its lush green scenery and excellent basic infrastructure. The city is also a stopping point for tourists who desire to proceed to the Northern Areas of the country for trekking, hiking, adventure sports and mountaineering. Since the city has been growing into a major business and commerce centre, it has attracted a large highly skilled workforce from other major cities including Karachi, Lahore and Quetta. All of the country's diplomatic ties are maintained and exercised from Islamabad, as all major embassies, consulates and missions are operating from the city, as is the Foreign Office. There is a massive bureaucratic presence in the city as well, largely due to the fact that Islamabad, being the capital, is also the seat of the Government. The Presidency, the Prime Minister's House, the Diplomatic Enclave, the Supreme Court, the Shariat Court and other major government buildings are housed here.

Punjabis account for 65% of the population followed by the Urdu Speaking Muhajirs at around 14%, Pashtuns at 10.51% and others (Sindhi, Balochi, Kashmiri's, etc) at 7%. (this does not include the refugee count).

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