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Islamabad City Guide . Shopping Areas

A haven for the shopping enthusiast, Islamabad is fast acquiring a great reputation for having some of the cleanest, most accessible and interesting shopping places in the country. From Jinnah Super Market in F-7, which is a hub of shopping, to the Blue Area, a stretch of about 4 kilometers of purely commercial space, Islamabad revels when it comes to the shopping bug.

F-7 Markaz (Jinnah Super Market)

Perhaps the most famous shopping precinct in the city, Jinnah Super or Jinnah as it is popularly called, has a wealth of shopping. There are book stores that sell old and new books, DVD stores, fashionable clothing outlets including brands like Levi's and Dockers, food stalls and restaurants, and a landscaped outdoor seating area. It's a popular hangout for the young and trendy, who're out in numbers enjoying the ambiance. In the middle of sector F-7

F-6 Markaz (Super Market)

Similar to Jinnah Super, Super Market is also a haven for the trendy and hip. A much larger and older market, this precinct has a lot more variety than other markets, and houses some very novel and exotic stores. Apart from the everyday books, clothes, shoes and movie stores, Super Market has Islamabad's oldest and best chemists, opticians, sports stores, photographer's studio, bakery and an entire nook dedicated to the culinary arts. In the middle of sector F-6

Aabpaara Market

Located close to the centre of the city, Aabpaara is the oldest and most comprehensive market in Islamabad. It is also the one market in the capital city that has the greatest variety, where one can find almost anything. There are dry fruit stores, antique toy shops, novelty shoe stores, mechanical and electrical repair kiosks, clothes, consumer electronics and a wealth of so much more. And everything at a very reasonable, affordable price.

G-6 Markaz (Melody Market)

Close to the Aabpaara Market is the Melody Market, known throughout the city for its excellent clothing and accessory stores, food joints and novelty book stores. The market is also one of the oldest in the city, and because of its affordability and easy prices, it attracts a throng of people from all walks of life. Islamabad's most convenient and accessible shopping area.

G-9 Markaz (Karachi Company)

Named after traders who had settled from Karachi in order to start a business, this market is remarkable in every sense of the word. There is a whole range of consumer items available here, at the best prices, everything from small jewellery to the largest household goods. Of particular mention are the diverse food items, since it is an Afghan population centre, giving it a typically Middle Eastern atmosphere.


In every sector, there is established a local commercial area, known popularly as the Markaz. The F-8 Markaz, also known as Ayub Market is an excellent day to day shopping area, as are the F-10, F-11, G-8, G-7, G-10 and I-8 Markaz. Niche markets such as Kohsar Market and Rana Market are also quaint shopping areas where novelties and particular interest items are abundantly available.

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