BEST CITY in Pakistan: Islamabad First Impressions 馃嚨馃嚢

Finally we made it to the amazing city of Islamabad where we can take you with us for a tour through the streets of Islamabad.

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  1. Seriously ? You both are bragging but there's nothing special out there. Honestly i feel ashamed by watching these dirty places, old cars, women in burqas, desi/gulabi english, 4rd class infrastructure and stupid uncivilized people. They don't know how to talk and behave with strangers. I rather die than living in these slums

  2. So you made a video and showed us, how you went to Islamabad in a ghetto "shop" to buy yourself some briefs, woooow…Tremendously "interesting"!馃槷 Also, do you at least have any idea about what "inshallah and salamaleikum" means exactly?? As a non-muslim, you shouldn't be using these expressions, not at all, just because you are in that islamic ghetto! Do Pakistani, use Christian expressions, follow and respect the culture and lifestyle from America, UK and the rest of the civilised world, when they come for ex in your country? Of course NO! They don't come to a country to integrate themselves; they come to "integrate you", in your own country! Look at Londonistan, Bruxellistan and Stockholmistan! They turned Western countries into ghettos, like their own garbage-country!

  3. Come on! Don't bargain anymore you have much more money than these Pakistani shopowners, come on! Just give it as kind of help or charity… Don't be stingy, just be generous! (or were they imitation or fake products?)

  4. Love Islamabad Me and my Somali family from Sweden went to vacation in Pakistan 馃ぃ becuase we wanted to meet my aunty and her family that we never met before from Canada and we lived with them in Islamabad from 2001 to 2005 , their education is amazing i learnt english and many other subjects there for the first year att the house of my tutor she had a class rum in her house which was kind of cool, then the second year me and my brother's went to a Quran school and studied the Quran and islam (alhamdulilha) after a year we went to a private school literally called (Art and Science) where alot of rich kids went to school we had many curses from english to seince but the thing that i thought was amazing was we even had curses on history of islam and other religion's, for almost a whole year we had studied the story of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) about his origins and mission from war tactics to governmental and religion… i got say Pakistan is a great country with amazing and kind people that i had gotten close to from my Pakistani family that lived with us in our home and took care of us to my taxi driver that always drove us everywhere we wanted either to school or downtown and my home room teacher att school that always took care of me as her own family 馃槉鉂 i really miss them i have to go back there some day inshallah and hopefully get in contact with all of them.

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