Exploring ISLAMABAD, Pakistan's Capital City 🇵🇰 اسلام آباد

Islamabad, the capital city of Pakistan, is a relaxing and beautiful city with a few sights of interest. In this video, I explore some of its …

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  1. The toxic media have always used propaganda to potray Pakistan in a extremely negative light. From what I've seen on youtube and hearing about personal experiences from people i know, who have visited Pakistan, it's a very beautiful country! The country has everything to meet your needs such as shopping malls, hotels, resturants, national parks museums, art galleries etc.

  2. as a Pakistan i am cringing watching this video idk why our peoples are like this when they see some foreigners they starting behave like kids i am cringing hard rn as Pakistani sorry they are not used to see foreigners as compared to others

  3. Good stuff! I was lucky enough to live in Islamabad for a year and a half when I was in high school ‘75-‘77. I can’t believe how big it’s grown. Wow! Fantastic video!

  4. There are alot of places that you missed in Islamabad that define Islamabad. Like rawal lake, pir sahawa, shah dita caves, pakistan monument museum (if you want to see the history of PAKISTAN) you went to monument but not museum.

    Also lok virsa, the Centaurus mall, giga mall, Bahria Town etc. Try visiting Pakistani northern areas too.

  5. 8:18 It's really nice to see people from different parts of the world who are so kind and helping each other. I am an Indian and feeling very proud of the Pakistani people. Keep helping each other and let us make this world more peaceful.

  6. Pakistan is a beautiful and lovely country it has all kind of weathers hill station grenry and most imported thing of pakistan pakistani people loving to torest
    But sadly india and some other cuntrys doing propognda again pakistan

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