India Praise by 'Pakistan's Ambani'; Mian Mansha Schools Islamabad Amid Economic Mayhem

India and Pakistan got independence at the same time, but their current conditions are poles apart. Many Pakistanis have lashed …

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  1. I am not one to mock or laugh at a country's situation and Pakistan currently is in deep deep shit, but how come we never heard of this Pak Ambani all these years when India was attacked over and over and over with killings of our citizens ,soldiers , bomb blasts , attacking india at every international forum.
    Today since they are knocked out and lying in the gutter of this world , they remember peace and good relations!!??..hell with such people and their country !!

  2. Hatred from Minorities was Introduced by Pakistani Army during General Zia ul haq Marshal law. Every terrorist organization was created and still being created by Establishment. Syllabus of Pakistani Schools system is in full control of Army and Hatred from Hindus and all other Minorities is their first step to produce terrorists.

  3. As long as Pakistani Army is there there is no chance of good relations between Pakistan and India. Pakistani Army survival depends upon on posing India as biggest threat. On the other hand Pakistani Army buisness is about 80 Billion Dollars. Pakistani Army's all buisness is tax free. Pakistani Army does not pay a single rupee on its 80 Billion Buisness. Smuggling is another buisness of Army. Billions of Dollars in smuggling. Over 12 Billion Dollars of Defence budget. Pakistani Army does not allow any company to flourish in Pakistan. Take the case of bangladesh, as long as Bangladesh was part of pakistan , all of her resources were eaten by Army and when Bangladesh got Independence from Pakistan it began to improve and now bangladesh is 10 times ahead from Pakistan.

  4. As a Pakistani and with LOTS of friends from India. I'm not coming from a place of hate. Shouldn't India be more focused on China? Is Pakistan really the competition here? Just Uttar Pradesh exceeds Pak in population. This India Pakistan comparison is literally cringe and outdated. Imagine Pakistani media comparing Pakistan to Somalia or Sierra Leone and saying the government is doing a good job.

  5. India is far ahead of Pakistan now is because of prime minister Modi before that the Congress has rule india what they have done corruption nothing else that's why now it is going to be extinct which is a good thing

  6. No use, Mian Saheb. When your civilian leaders sit in their ‘khursi’, they feel compelled to sing anti-India songs. Look at ImtheDim Bharat ki tareef karna after he gets kicked out of his khursi.

  7. PM Modi Hindu nahi hai. Nagaland mein aaya aur masjid ko daura kiya. usane Quran bhee padha. Modiji kaha ki vah musliman banana chaahata hai. Nagaland government ki baas saboot hain.

  8. Mian Mansha appreciating India. He will be considered as RSS supporter and communal by pseudo seculars in India. Only RaGa and Most opposition parties in India can't relaize progress of India. Pak has considerable support across communities in India since BJP is in power and they don't want BJP to be in power. They are loosing friends in PAK also now. These sort of people appreciating India are their enemies now.

  9. No need to call him pakistan's ambani or adani
    He has his own identity.
    And hindustan times you are news channel so act like one. Ye online youtubers ki tarah chaprasi thumbnails aur masala dalne ki koi zaroorat nahi

  10. Mian Mohammed Mansha does not look a Pashtun. His Hindu ancestors must have been converted to Islam in less than 150-200 years, some 8 generations. He may be a Panjabi, Gujarati or Sindhi. Most of the Muslims who trace their ancestry to Hindus carry on their ancestral mercantile proclivities and business acumen. They, unlike the majority of Pashtuns, do NOT hate Hindus. They don’t shun their Hindu ancestry.

  11. is so easy to flatter us Indians.. किसी ने ,खास तौर पर शत्रु ने अगर थोड़ी भी प्रशंसा कर दी।। हिंदू गद् गद।

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