Pakistan and Covid-19

The Pakistani authorities gave the number 1166 as a helpline on COVID-19 and created a dedicated internet portal, where up-to-date information on the epidemic situation in Pakistan is published.

Government data show a large increase in the number of new coronavirus infections in Pakistan (around 5,000 a day) and deaths (over 80 a day), and the COVID-19 incidence curve is tightening. In the first days of June 2020, the total number of people infected with the coronavirus in Pakistan exceeded 85,000, including over 3,500 in Islamabad.

From May 30 this year. Most Pakistani airports are open to international air travel, but the number of international flights remains very limited.

The land border crossings are mostly open.

When crossing the border, travelers are required to complete a health survey, provide personal and contact details, and undergo coronavirus tests and a two-week quarantine. In Islamabad, there is an obligation to wear masks in public places and to observe the rules of distance under the pain of financial penalties. Most hotels are closed or converted into quarantine centers.

The authorities decided to extend the validity of entry visas until June 30, 2020 for foreigners who, due to the restrictions introduced, are unable to leave the territory of Pakistan.

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