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Hunza Nagar is an hamlet surrounded by the most mesmerizing mountains of the Karakorum group including Rakaposhi, Diran, Golden, Shishper and Passu Peaks. The views are breath taking and the feeling is of a paradise on earth. The two kingdoms of Hunza and Nagar coexisted as rivals and that kept them battle hardened and creative. The ancient Silk Route also passes through the valley and its traces are found at many places, it connected Indus Civilization with the Chinese Civilization.
Modern time Hunza Nagar is synonym with women empowerment and cultural emancipation. Winter sports including Ice Hockey is a new addition on the atlas of the region and has added color to the otherwise dull winter life in the region. Cherry blossom and autumn dry leaves are the unforgettable scenes. Attabad lake and Altit/Baltit Forts are places of special significance in the region. All these beauties and traces are along the Karakorum Highway and the place has comfortable Rendezvous for the travelers.

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