Spending 24 Hours Alone in ISLAMABAD PAKISTAN

Spending 24 hours alone in Islamabad, Pakistan as a solo female traveler is not as “frightening” as it may seem, based on …



  1. Yes Pakistan has its own flavor sights and sounds so very much distinctly different from neghbouring countries having an atmosphere and landscape like a magnetic pull you can never forget once you get in to Pakistan . A most beautiful perhaps the most beautiful country on the planet with loving and attractive people so content so gentel so friendly so come and see Pakistan.

  2. Pakistan is a beautiful Army-controlled country criss-crossed with good roads, beautiful mosques, hundreds of islamic schools (madrassas) and food shops around every corner. But the Muslims who live in India or Bangladesh will not immigrate there. No one knows why and if asked, some vague/unclear replies are given. That is the most mysterious feature of Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

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