1. Yes, you brought back memories from when I was last there, especially the drive upto the Margala Hills. You proved that Islamabad is safe for a Western female. I cant wait to return to my home Country and experience Islamabad agin. Pakistan Zindabad.

  2. By the way ISLAMABAD is named "not because Islam the biggest faith of Pakistan".Infact the word Islam in arabic means "peace" so ISLAMABAD means city of "peace" and as the name suggests it really is city of peace, calmness and nature all along.

  3. The croissant/cakes at the bakery are SOOO expensive its even more expensive then England prices then they charge tax on top, these goods don't cost that much to make nor are the salaries that much, in England everything is expensive because tax is included and the workers get paid in British pounds and the salary and the rent of the shop plus bills gas and electric, BUT why is it soo expensive in Pakistan they charge England prices and add tax plus their workers get paid way less then uk. I wouldn't buy at that price because If i went to Pakistan I expect to pay Pakistani prices not uk. I probably buy one off like a tourist especially if I'm vlogging but not like a resident every morning.

    Sounds funny but you can pay a chef or baker to cook in your house on that salary in Pakistan for a whole day, of course i wont ask them to be their all day but this is Pakistani salary roughly each day, for eg 465 rupees for cakes or breakfast at expensive shops {that's not even including taxes} if you have it everyday you could go to Saudi Arabia for hajj and medina after a year if you didn't spend that on over priced goods.

    I'm saying this for people who want to spend like this regularly in Pakistan to wake up to your potential and not be wasteful.

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